October 1, 2019

Diamond Art finished!

Last night I went out and found a frame for my Diamond Art Angel. I love how it turned out and decided to display it in the family room now. Why wait till Christmas?

The frame is 12" x 12". I removed the matting, trimmed the Angel, and placed it behind the glass. It was such an easy and relaxing project to make! Life has been sort of crazy the past few weeks so focusing on this Angel brought me much needed peace and calm.

I like that I could move my project around instead of having to leave it in one place. I would lay the little tray on top of the Angel which is covered by a plastic sheet, and all the other baggies would go inside the kit box as I carried it to wherever I had an uncluttered spot. However, you do need a sturdy surface when you work on it.

My grandsons would love the smiling snowman... so I just ordered it. I am listening to a long Audible book - Middlemarch by George Elliot - and I will probably get this Snowman done way before the end of the book.

Cool Christmas finish, don't you think? Speaking of finishes, I have a pattern to deliver today so I've got to finish that right now.

Enjoy your day,


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