September 27, 2019

Diamonds - a crafter's best friend.

I mean it! Look at this gorgeous work - mine will look like this when it is completed. While listening to an audiobook or staying near my family as they play cards or watch TV, I fill this 'paint by number' canvas with sparkly diamonds and, faster than I expected, I am almost done.

The Diamond Art kit arrived in the mail with all I needed: 11 little bags with diamonds, the background fabric already marked and sticky, covered with a plastic sheet, a round container of wax with which I coat the stylus every once in a while to help pick up the diamonds, a grip for the stylus, a small tray to place the diamonds in, and instructions.

This is a short YouTube video showing you how I work (pardon the heavy accent: my mom and sister were visiting me for two weeks and I spoke Brazilian Portuguese every day. My English always gets worse after these visits!).

The multi-faceted diamond gems shine beautifully once light hits them. The marked background and the key at the bottom right of the canvas make quick work of placing the diamonds on the correct spot.

I am excited about this project because it will give a new 'texture' to the Holiday Season in my home: there will be the traditional Christmas tree, the quilts, the knick-knacks on the end tables... but this will be my first shiny wall art.

Look at how much I have done already! I took this photo this morning. It is looking amazing. Once all the diamonds are attached, I will press a rolling pin over the plastic film to ensure all diamonds are stuck securely, then I will frame it. This angel will be my first completed project for this Christmas and will live right here in my home.

The Leisure Arts Diamond Art kits come in nine Christmas-themed designs. The most difficult part of the project is to choose which one to make. However, since we can finish them very fast, they can be ready way before Christmas. Whether framed or turned into a home accessory, such as a pillow, this angel will add a touch of sophistication to my Holiday decorations.

As you see, I am working on the background. When finished and framed, I will post a photo here. However, I wanted to show it to you now to give you plenty of time to make your own Diamond Art should you be so inspired.

Have a fantastic weekend,


  1. Love love Diamond Painting and absolutely love Diamond Art!!

    1. I guess I am hooked now! I finished the project and will be showing it today!

  2. I've never seen this type of art before, but it looks beautiful! Love your accent on the video, too. :O)

    1. Thank you! I finished the project and framed it last night. I will post about it today. Stay tuned!


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