May 23, 2019

Text it!

Have you seen this book by Sherri Noel? The projects are easy to make, fun, and have short messages and words to add more interest to our decor. Text it! - Quilts and Pillows with Something to Say, just published by Martingale, come with a pullout with seven different alphabets for quick applique'.

All photographs by Brent Kane for Martingale. Used with permission.
This mini quilt is perfect for a high-traffic spot in our home to remind us to make a decision about our day early in the morning. Colorful flowers and fun lettering - awesome design by Sherri!

"Life is Short" is so cool! It would make a great house-warming gift, don't you think? All her projects can be displayed and gifted year'round so this book is a Must-Have in our quilting library (Remember: I make no money by reviewing the books here. Martingale sends me their titles and I choose which ones I will review. If they appear here is because they inspire me - and they might inspire you, too).

Make each project your own by switching the alphabet, the color scheme, or by turning them into larger quilts. The "Loving You" above would look great as a flannel lap quilt.

Sherri's designs are crisp, very modern, and feature bold colors and shapes. However, they would all look awesome with traditional or novelty fabrics. "Counting Sheep", above, would look amazing if the sheep were all colorful and the background and borders were made with black, white, and gray!

There is a section at the end of the book on different applique' techniques: detailed instructions and diagrams for needle-turn, fusible, bias-strip letter applique', etc. If you are new to it, this section will have your back. As for me, you know I love fusible machine applique' and probably would not even attempt bias-strip, though it looks so beautiful!

You can find Text it! at your favorite quilt store or online at the Martingale website.

Happy Sewing!


  1. They are! I am in need of pillows and instead of buying I will make them, now that I saw these projects! Have a fantastic holiday weekend!


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