May 21, 2019

Quilt with trucks - Free pattern

Free Pattern Alert! You must have a little child in your life who would love this quilt. I designed it for Henry Glass Fabrics' collection My Favorite Trucks. It measures 56" x 68", with lots of cool blocks and prints to keep any child entertained for a long time!

Take a look at the fun prints in this collection:

I don't think I left any of these fabrics out of the quilt! Like toddlers, Quilt #1 for My Favorite Trucks is full of movement and I know you have a boy in your life who would love it.

Row-by-row quilts are fun to make and keep the recipient's eyes interested. The bright colors appeal to youngsters and your gift will be treasured forever.

Download the free pattern from Henry Glass Fabrics under the Free Projects tab and get sewing!

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