April 22, 2019

Sunnyside Lane quilt

Photographs by Amerian Quilter. Used with permission.
Oh, how I wish my house looked just like this right now! Amidst the boxes and having packed all my quilts for the upcoming move, I am content flipping the pages of the May issue of American Quilter magazine and staring at Sunnyside Lane, the quilt I made with the Tonga Gecko batik collection by Timeless Treasures

The colors are so bright and happy, the blocks are easy to make, and the instructions are very detailed to help you make your own version in no time at all. This design would look great as a scrappy quilt, too. The batiks, though, add so much texture to the project...

... do you see what I mean? That is why I use them so much. The white background provides the perfect contrast and helps create a secondary design - can you see it?

If you haven't done so, grab a copy of the May issue of American Quilter - there are amazing articles and super cool quilt patterns you will not want to miss. I like having the magazine subscription because I don't even need to think about it - it shows up in my mailbox filled with fun patterns, award-winning quilts that make me ooh and aah, and how-to articles which ensure my next quilt will be much better. Take a look at that bird on the cover!!! 

The bird made me think of little tiny eggs. Chocolate eggs. Excuse me while I go have a snack before lunch, just as my mom taught me (right!).

Have a productive Monday,

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