February 14, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day!

Guys, look at what I just found on my desk! Should I have it for breakfast? I begged him not to buy me chocolates. Don't take me wrong: I love chocolates but I have to eat it all. At once! I forgot to say "Don't buy me anything I love to eat like, chocolate, cake, sweets in any form"... but hey, he bought it, not me, so my job is to EAT it. Happy Valentine's Day to all of you...

I really love how delicate this print is. Strawberries and flowers always tug at my heart. You may wonder why I asked the question about directional fabrics: when I began quilting I would only use directionals on borders. That was such a long time ago and, today, they are fair game. Although I must confess, they do complicate the life of pattern designers sometimes.

We have another winner:

1 Set of 1 Unique Number
Range: From 1 to 36

Set #1
My friend Research Randomizer picked:

I totally use directional fabric...Just have to be careful while using it! Thanks for sharing the giveaway!!

Sewgirl, you have 1-1/2 yards of fabric coming your way. I will send you an email shortly to get your address information.

I woke up thinking that today is Friday. Say What? It is still Thursday! Dang, girl. So, yeah, my job now is to make this an awesome day. I wish the same to you!


  1. Such a yummy Valentine treat...lucky you! Diagonal prints are kind of a pain sometimes, but they do look great in borders or as binding. The prints in that are so sweet.

    1. It was delicious!!! Now, I am off sugar for a while. Maybe. :-)

  2. Oh yes...it has to be consumed quickly too. lol

    1. You would not believe my self-restraint: I waited until he came back home from work (12 hours) so we could eat it together. It was so good!

  3. I found you this fast, Denise! It was so nice meeting you. Your blog is fabulous and I’ll be a loyal follower. To new friendships, Sylvia from Alpine


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