May 11, 2018

Early Spring Tulips Quilt

Mother's Day is just around the corner. How about we celebrate it with a free quilt pattern? This is Quilt #1 (I call it Early Spring) which I designed for the gorgeous Florella fabric collection by Blank Quilting. The quilt measures 82" x 99" and the blocks finish at 12". The flowers and textures in Florella are stunning so I wanted to make sure the design did them justice. Take a look at them:

What a striking combination of soft peach, gray, black, white and burgundy providing great contrast when the fabrics are side by side in a quilt block.

As I was auditioning blocks for the design I realized that the tulips used in the 12" blocks would provide the perfect solution. The quilt border features the floral section with the black background from the stripe fabric above. Love this stripe fabric! Actually, I am fond of florals in general and these are very romantic, tugging at that side of me.

This is a free pattern which you can download now from Blank Quilting's website. The Florella collection will ship to stores in October giving you plenty of time to download the pattern and get ready for when the fabric arrives.

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Happy Mother's Day!


  1. That is just wonderful! Florals are not my usual go-to, but these are stunning! Maybe its the gray and peach that appeals to me! Anyway, love the fabric, love the pattern.


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