December 25, 2017

Modern Spools Sew Along - 4 blocks!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful time with your family. I think I can smell the breakfast casserole from here! :-)

I am cheating! This time I made four blocks for the Modern Spools Sew Along! How do you like the rotary cutter? You know I cannot take credit for the design because all my applique' motifs are coming from Jaynette Huff's book Needle and Notions. Someday I will make them as paper pieced blocks as Jaynette did. For this project, however, machine applique' was the best solution.

The rotary cutter has a large button on top and it looks just like my own. Cool.

This print is super cool so I used both the red and the green version of it. Don't tell anyone but I am tempted to finish this quilt before year-end because I am dying to see these blocks together! I have a few more blocks to make and with my teenage boys at home this week this will likely be only a dream.

Oh, well. I may make another four blocks for next time!

Have a great day and Holiday Week,


  1. Thank you! I will have this quilt ready very soon! Happy New Year and thank you for stopping by my blog all the time. I can always count on you! :-)


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