December 24, 2017

Joy to the World wall hanging

Merry Christmas to all my virtual quilty and crafty friends! Today is a gray day with snow on the forecast, but my heart is sunny and filled with joy, so I am sending your way my wishes of joy, happiness, good health, and success in 2018.

2017 has been fantastic and trying, blissful and heartwrenching, with moments of peace and great despair - all in one year! Remember, there is opposition (and order) in all things, so the year was as it was supposed to be. Now, let's send good vibrations and prayers to the Divine and to the universe, so 2018 will dawn with loads of good in store for us all.

Did you like my wall hanging? It measures 22" x 26", with lots of different neutral fabrics in the background to make my little doll Joy pop.

I love her crazy hair made with soft and fuzzy yarn. I used Micron pens to draw her facial features, and appliqued everything with blanket stitches by machine. I did hand embroider the text on the banner before fusing it.

The quilting is very dense to bring her to the foreground, with different motifs. I used Aurifil 50 wt. thread for the quilting and it turned out super cool.

This is the backing - fun fabric, right? It reminds me I still need to wrap the gifts for my teenage sons. It will be just the four of us this Christmas but there will still be gifts under the tree, seasonal music playing when we open them tomorrow morning and a delicious dinner of... something I have yet to decide.

In other words, it will be joyous and that is exactly what I wish for you and your family.

With love,

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  1. Awesome wall hanging - love that backing fabric!
    Happy Christmas!


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