November 15, 2017

Flannel Quilt

Today I am introducing my newest pattern: Orbit. It was designed with novelty flannels by Dear Stella Designs and their latest fabric line Gravity. This quilt measures 61" x 85" and the blocks finish at 12". Since it only uses one block, this project comes together super fast! You can download the free pattern by going to Dear Stella Designs.

Check out these awesome space-themed fabrics which are suitable for boys and girls:

Flannels are the best and these will keep kids entertained for quite a while as they dream of their adventures in space, don't you think? This one-block pattern is perfect for those times when you want to make a quilt but is short on time, something we are all plagued with during this season. And it is free - yeah!

Dear Stella Designs has the cutest novelty fabrics and I love creating quilt designs for them. Check out the Projects tab on their website for other fun (many are free!) patterns.

Now, back to earth and to work!


  1. I love the novelty fabrics out there. That is so cute and I'll bet it feels amazing too.

  2. Thank you! Flannel is so soft and I love making quilts with it.

  3. Love those fabrics and your pattern suits them well! xx


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