August 15, 2017

Origami Pouch

Stop the presses! Look at the pouches I made! They came out so nice - a few more gifts ready for my family in Brazil! They are called Origami Pouch (es) but I am calling them my Sock Monkey Pouches because of the buttons I added.

I used this fantastic pattern created by Amy Barickman at Indygo Junction. It is called Origami Pouch because with a few folds you can create a very cool little bag! The pattern is very detailed, super well written, and features lots of diagrams so there is no guesswork. You can use fat quarters or ready-made napkins - yes, I said napkins! Imagine the possibilities.

Before I searched my stash for fabrics I remembered I had leftovers from a bed cover I made eons ago: main fabric and lining already picked and stitched on one side. Time to upcycle!

You cannot see the color of the stitches because I am closing the opening with Aurifil monofilament. Click here for a very short video of how I do this. I went ahead and stitched all around to ensure the lining stayed in place and would not show on the right side of the pouch. That is a trick I've been using for a while. The monofilament does not show on the main fabric.

Look! I made three at the same time. The front flap is lifted for you to see the outside pocket created as you fold the sides. Notice the edges that crisscross - you can tell they are stitched but cannot see the monofilament, nor can you see the lining poking out.

It was at this point that I decided to add buttons to the flaps since I had chosen a solid fabric for the outside. At first, I was going to use beads of the same color for the closing strings but I changed my mind later as it is possible they will go to the same household: they need a way to determine if they are holding their own or someone else's.

The sock monkey buttons are so happy!

First one done! I am so loving it! I have made other pouches with closing strings and beads before, and this is my preferred way to attach the beads so they stay in place:

I feed both strings through the wooden bead, then rethread one string at a time ...

... pull strings so they are tight around the bead and knot the ends. This bead ain't going nowhere.

There wasn't enough string for the three Origami Pouches so I will finish the third one after I get more of it. The fabric for the next pouches is already chosen and it will go even faster as the Bernina and its walking foot won't have to work as hard as they did with the upholstery fabric! I am doing the happy dance because of how they turned out.

Since this pattern was so good, I am looking forward to trying other patterns from Indigo Junction. I want to try the Upcycled Aprons and the Jack and Jill Jammies - my grandson would love pajamas with Star Wars fabric!

What are you sewing today? Drop me a line to let me know.

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