August 5, 2017

Lady of the Lake

Are you sewing today, too? Here is what I am working on: Fat Quarter Shop has a new pattern coming up in a couple of weeks and I am sewing along with other bloggers. The pattern is called Lady of the Lake, which makes me wonder why on earth I am indoors on a beautiful summer day! Anyway, I had time to begin it and decided to show you my progress. 

I made half square triangles working with the 3" Half Square Triangle Paper Triangles on a Roll but ended up having to use a ruler, too. Read on!

This paper is super easy to use: cut 2 squares of fabric (background and main color)...

... pin and stitch on the dashed lines by following the arrows.

Then, cut on the straight lines - ALL of them! You know I have used this method before but I guess the caffeine had not kicked in this morning because I forgot to cut on the outside lines, too (see the circle on the photo above). 

When I removed the papers (it rips off fast and clean) and pressed the HSTs open, some of them were larger than the required size. Dang! That is when I remember my trusted Half Square 4-in-1 Triangle Ruler: I lined up the 3" line (the finished size once HST is sewn to block) on the ruler to the seam on my patch and trimmed it. Phew! 

Pretty easy. So I made some more except I used scraps of fabrics:

 I split the paper into two sets of four HSTs to fit the size of the scraps. I love that I don't need to measure anything, just make sure the fabrics are big enough to fit under the paper.

By the way, I keep track of my white scraps in particular by storing them in Ziploc bags and labeling them so I don't get the shades of white mixed up! Ask me why I decided to do this...

I may use these on blocks for the Lady of the Lake pattern, or... I may add them to my collection of sampler blocks (I've been making them all with fabrics by the same [old] line from Marcus Fabrics). I usually make test blocks for all my patterns and this time I decided to make them with the same fabrics so I can turn them into a sampler quilt. Cool idea, if I may say so myself!

I will keep you posted on my progress as I need to stop right now to jump to another project with a looming deadline.

Have a fun Saturday!

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  1. I'm sewing along too, I really enjoyed making the Lady of the Lake blocks 😍 your HSTs look perfect!


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