June 19, 2017

Small Quilty Treasures

I save a lot of scraps, particularly triangles as I am trimming blocks. They are neatly packed into ziploc bags, waiting for when I have time to stitch them together and make half-square triangles, pinwheels, and other beauties. They come in handy when I want to make a quilt but only have time to make a small one.

That is when the book Jo's Little Favorites II by Jo Morton comes in handy: it presents great ideas for quick quilts I can make using my scraps. Jo goes beyond giving us beautiful patterns - she shows us how the quilts can be used to decorate our house adding warmth, whimsy, and style to our lives.

Photographs by Brent Kane and Adam Albright for Martingale. Used with permission.
Little Stripy on page 15 (above) is one of my own favorites from Jo's book. Simple, a perfect design for using those scraps we love but can't find a way to use them in our quilts. Notice the ideas for displaying our quilts other then laying them flat on furniture or on the wall.

Jo made a smaller version of her friend Betsy's quilt. Arlington, as it is called, will be my design of choice for using those triangles I was talking about. Since they are already cut and paired, I just need to stitch them to make the pinwheels, pick the background fabric, and voila'!

The wheels in my brain are turning. My quilts will have some of the modern fabrics I've been working with and will still be charming. Don't you love Redware and Harvest above?

Oh... I love this Half Square Triangle Challenge small quilt... Jo Morton teaches us how to create a pleasing palette as we work with our fabrics, so our results will be as gorgeous as hers. I am paying attention!

The designs in Jo's Little Favorites II are simple yet interesting, including machine piecing and applique'. If you are a beginner, you will learn a lot about quilt design, fabric placement, and traditional piecing techniques. If you are a quilting pro, you will read this book then rush to your studio filled with ideas, will quickly whip up small projects to be used in your home or to give as gifts, and might also get her first Jo's Little Favorites book!

Quilt books are my grown up version of kid's picture books: they tell me stories, they lavish me with amazing photography and useful diagrams, they inspire me. I could not ask for anything more of the authors and publishers. Aren't you in the mood for reading? :-)

From your happy quilty friend,


  1. Those are all charming little quilts.

    1. Yes! Now I know what to do with the little pairs of triangles I have saved... :-)


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