June 16, 2017

Great Seam Ripper

Happy Friday! It will be even better after you read this post. Above are my most favorite tools! A few weeks ago, my friend Lisa showed me this seam ripper by Wahl. I thought it was cool yet waited a while to get it. Then, I waited a little longer to use it. But when I did... Oh em gee!!!

I had to rip stitches out of 10 banners because the casing for the pole was too narrow. It was then that I remembered the seam ripper - battery operated wonder! Here is how to use it:

1. Begin by using the standard seam ripper just to loosen the first stitches. Then... well, click on the photo below to watch the short video demo and you will see it in action:

2. Isn't it great? It made my work so much faster. Of course, we have to remove all those little pieces of thread - click the photo below to see a short video of how I did it:

Yes, a dream come true. I have been sewing a ton the past few months and, naturally, Jack the Ripper has had my back. However, this seam ripper by Wahl is a total game changer, don't you think? How come it has taken me ALL THESE YEARS to find it? I did the Happy Dance for a long time after I fixed those banners.

Let me know if you have seen it before. Do you have a preferred seam ripping routine/tool? I am curious. In the meantime, have a fun weekend!


  1. I just won an electric seam ripper through a guild raffle! Thanks for the video, because I was wondering how to use the thing. My favorite seam ripper right now is a Havel's seam ripper. It has a curved scalpel blade that cuts thread like butter, but doesn't slice through the fabric. You use it kind of upside down and backwards from a traditional seam ripper. Love your blog!

  2. This sounds cool. I've seen the "surgical" seam rippers before but nothing like this. Thank you for showing everyone!!


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