April 7, 2017

Cubes and Lines

[Edited to include more information on Marci's book.]

I just realized I finished this quilt in the beginning of January but never shared it with you. So I give you First Steps. I based this wall hanging on Marci Baker’s Hollow Cube, Too design (more information here). The design was suggested to me by someone else after I worked on many variations using the hollow cubes. It was not easy to make, to be sure, yet the resulting quilt looks great. The cubes are much larger than in her pattern, so I had to modify the measurements.

It measures 27.5" x 39.5". I used a mix of yellow and black prints, with a gray by Riley Blake Designs. I buy this gray by the bolt because I use it all the time.

I chose not to quilt inside the cubes, quilting lines all around it.

I quilted it with Aurifil 40 wt and am very happy with the texture it added to my project. This is a must-have thread for me, and goes well with the gray fabric. 40 wt thread is great for many applications, but it is specially cool for free motion quilting.

The cubes remind me of the toy ones babies play with and so, First Steps became the name of the quilt. This is one of my favorite modern quilts. Hope you like it, too.

Have a great weekend!


  1. What an awesome finish! I really love the color combination! I've never used 40wt, but just bought a couple spools to try out. I'm feeling better about that decision after reading your post!

  2. Beautiful! Love those colors. This is a great finish!

  3. Great quilt! I love your fabric choices and the fact that it looks like you can reach inside of each cube. So cool!

  4. That is fabulous!!! I love the colors too.

  5. That looks wonderful, the way it deceives the eye and looks three dimensional is very clever placement of colour - beautiful.

  6. Fantastic work! Very cool pattern.

  7. Hello Denise! WOWSERS OH MY GOODNESS WOWSERS! I love everything about this quilt. I seriously keep going back and looking it over again and again. You did a marvelous job with this quilt. I am going to go and check out the site you mentioned. Thank you so much for sharing. You deserve and are receiving a standing ovation from me with lots of clapping!! Have a great day!

    1. Thank you! Yes, check out Marci's book. I edited the post to include a link to her site and hope this helps.

  8. I love it. I have been planning to make one and seeing yours, I am going to do it. Great job.


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