March 21, 2017

Birds of Spring

I am working on a couple of new quilt patterns, and have chosen for both of them Dear Stella's new fabric collection called Perch, designed by Rae Ritchie.

The beautiful, soft colors will complement my designs very well the .  The first pattern should be available in one week or so. The birds, little bugs, and flowers make me feel as though Spring comes from inside my studio and spills onto the garden, not the other way around.

Toby gave up watching me. Apparently, the sewing machine's hum can lull him right to sleep!

The day is very gray but I have a few more hours to play with these gorgeous fabrics, which are taking my mind off the monochromatic palette outside (that is, until Toby decides it is time to go for a walk).

What are you up to today?

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