February 21, 2017

More scrappy quilts

All photographs by Brent Kane for Martingale. Used by permission.
I began the day today by looking through this book for quilting inspiration: 12-Pack Quilts: Simple Quilts that Start with 12 Fat Quarters, by Barbara Groves and Mary Jacobson. Scrappy quilts have captured my imagination for the past few years, and the 12 fresh designs in this book make me glad I started on this journey.
Caught in the Middle, page 16.
Not all scrappy quilts work, though. Choosing fabrics for them can be confusing. Do all the tips about color, value, and minding contrast apply? After all, if it is scrappy I might be able to just pull fabric from my scrap stash and use it, right? Well... not so fast. Barbara and Mary begin their book with a Q and A session with Julie Karasek, who owns a successful quilt store in Elm Grove, Wisconsin, called Patched Works. Julie's answers provide guidance on how to select fabrics so we can confidently create beautiful scrappy quilts.
Heart's Desire, page 20.
Using Julie's idea of selecting 12 fat quarters to make a scrappy project, Barbara and Mary designed delightful quilts featuring fat quarters from their stash which go together specially well, as well as fat quarters from fabric collections (I don't know about you, but sometimes I fall in love with a fabric collection and those are the only fabrics I want to use. We can still make the project look scrappy, as shown in the book).

Although the blocks are fairly easy to put together, the instructions are very detailed down to how best to cut each fat quarter.
Bobbins, page 24.
The Village, page 46.

The quilts I've shown are my favorites. I can't stop looking at "Bobbins" and "The Village"... I need to go to my studio and get going on my current projects so I can start these new ones!

Who knew 12 fat quarters could create such beauties? 12-Pack Quilts: Simple Quilts that Start with 12 Fat Quarters gave me lots of with ideas on how to use those bundles I loved and bought but had no idea how to use. Better yet, after reading this book I can confidently select fabrics from my stash and make scrappy quilts that look wonderful. 

And this is all the inspiration I needed to start my week. Enjoy yours!


  1. I began my Quilt Journey with nothing but scraps that other quilters would give me or my Husband and I would buy at garage sales. I still love Scrap Quilts and have found through the years, books like this with detailed information are so informative and really do help, me at least, create better more uniform scrap quilts. Thank you for adding another book title that I will be on the look out for to add to my collection. Have a great day!

    1. Brenda, it took me forever to 'warm up' to scrappy quilts. Now I am in love with them. This book is a gem - you will love it!


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