September 12, 2016

Fabric fun

Last Friday I had the pleasure of visiting Hoffman California-International Fabrics in Mission Viejo, California. You know Hoffman: they are famous worldwide for their amazing Bali batiks, as well as Asian-themed, tropical, novelty, holiday, and other fabrics created by their talented designers.

These batiks are screaming "Turn me into a modern quilt"! 
When I get my hands on one of these bundles I will be happy to oblige!

Rube P. Hoffman started the company back in 1924 and, to this day, the Hoffman family maintains a tradition of quality and innovation, keeping their fabrics interesting and fresh - something we quilters and sewists love (not to mention surfwear manufacturers)!

The Hoffman family has won many surf competition titles. Watch this cool, short video to learn more about how surfing is a major part of the Hoffman brand.
These prints are so dang cute!
Gorgeous print!
After meeting with their creative and marketing gurus, I had the privilege of going on a tour of the warehouse. Let me tell you: I am ready to rent a space there, pack my quilting studio, and move in. I could be their Resident "Fabric Tester": choose, pet, and cut. My resume' is already being re-written.

Hoffman's two families - the founding family and the wonderful group of people who have been working there for generations - ensure the rest of us are pretty happy. Of course, at times things may not go so smoothly at the office... We can all relate, right?

They are already packing fabric prizes for the Houston International Show. Boxes and boxes of fabric bundles which, right now, sound much better to me then chocolate. Go ahead and call me a turncoat.

Note to my family: this is what a perfect Christmas gift looks like to me. Just saying...
I went to California to rest. I came home relaxed and with lots of inspiration after enjoying long walks by the ocean, working on crafts (will show them soon), and taking in eye-candy of the textile kind. I am one happy camper.

Wishing you a fun Monday,


  1. That looks like it was an amazing visit.....ooooh....those batiks! Yummy.

  2. I know, right? Their fabrics are so beautiful!


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