May 22, 2016

Quilt Market

I am back! Got my Master's Degree on May 6th, went to Las Vegas the next week with my mom to celebrate, then it was on to getting ready for Quilt Market in Salt Lake City. Phew! I am looking forward to serious sewing very soon.

In the meantime, my friend Deb and I got to visit with some very talented artists at Quilt Market. Here is a little peek (I've been bombarded with pictures from Quilt Market on Instagram so I will not post any there, and only a few select ones here):

Stopped by and gave Annie a big hug. She is the creative mind behind Soft & Stable, my favorite stabilizer. Soft & Stable is very versatile (see my Quilted Cake Dome here and you will understand what I mean), and I always have a good supply of it in my studio for bags, totes, baskets and other projects (I never know when I will come up with a project that only Soft & Stable can handle!).

Jillily's Studio had a very fun booth called Sweet Shop. Her patterns are to die for! A glorious mix of blocks and applique' featuring amazing fabrics.

This strawberry quilt features her new fabric line - I can't wait!

Here is Karen Combs displaying her beautiful fabrics and patterns. It was so wonderful to see her again! I took a class with Karen at the Utah Quilt Guild a few years ago (see my project here) and was impressed by her creativity, patience, and sense of humor. Her Serendipity line of fabrics has jewel color gradations from light to dark and back to light with added texture. They are a must-have!

Look at Karen's batik fabrics. Great colors and textures!

Here is Sandy Klop, the mastermind behind the American Jane line for Moda Fabrics. Look at the puzzle quilt behind her - what a fun and easy pattern! Her fabrics feature happy, rich colors in fun prints. I am totally hooked!

Speaking of Moda, here is Amy Rosenthal at her booth. Love her patterns and fabrics, too!

I also visited with Alex Veronelli from Aurifil (my favorite threads), Karen Johnson from Martingale, and many others. What a fun day!

These pictures are meant to inspire you to continue to create beautiful quilts and other projects!

Enjoy your week!

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  1. Congratulations Denise! Getting your Master's a quite an accomplishment. Relax & enjoy your freedom from studying!


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