October 13, 2015

City Girl directory block

How do you like block #31 for the City Girl quilt? It is just about dry so I can stitch it onto the last row. I am so glad I found a map to use as a background: this map is of New York City. I found it via Google at Wikimedia Commons by searching for 'city map images'. Perfect.

Miracle Fabric Sheets

After the directory was typed in MS Word I added the map, re-sized it, lightened its color, and positioned it behind the text. I printed it with a laser printer onto Miracle Fabric Sheets by C. Jenkins. They are 100% cotton (200 count), have a soft hand, and are washable. Color photographs also look very sharp on this fabric.

If you would like to have a block just like mine you can download the Word file I created by clicking here. On the bottom right corner there is a place for you to put your name, city, state, and date the quilt was finished. I hope this is helpful.

The backing will likely be pieced, so it will take me a little while to post a picture of the finished quilt. That should give you time to catch up with me! :-)

Enjoy the evening,

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  1. WOW Denise! What a great idea. I'm sew glad I have most of the blocks finished. Now to find the time to get er done!


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