September 10, 2015

City Girl Sew Along-Block 30

It is "Show time"! This is block #30 for the City Girl Sew Along and it works well for the movies or for the circus, so we have both these events covered with one block. My son Ryan would have preferred a larger box, he said, but since I am watching my waist...

Here is what you will need:
8-1/2" x 8-1/2" square of grey fabric for background
5" x 5" square of stripped fabric for box
7" x 9" rectangle of white fabric for popcorn
Fusible web (HeatnBond Lite is my favorite)
White thread for applique (I used Aurifil 40wt on top and in the bobbin)

Trace template shapes (to download template, click here) onto smooth side of fusible web, cut them and iron them to wrong side of fabrics (for details on how to work with fusible web, click here).

Cut shapes using sharp scissors. Note: I chose this fabric for the box because I wanted to repeat it from other blocks. Also, red does not seem to go well with the colors I used on the previous 29 blocks. Otherwise, my popcorn box would have shown the traditional colors: red and white.

Peel paper from each shape, place them onto background fabric according to picture above, fuse them and machine applique using blanket stitch. When I am ready to quilt everything, I will free motion around each popcorn piece - it will look cool. Add more popcorn to the block, or leave it just as is, it is up to you. I intentionally did not double the white fabric to cover the box, as we can see the box through the popcorn when we get it. Ryan said he would have doubled the fabric. (He is so tactful when he gives his opinion on blocks I have already finished! I love him...)

And so, we have made 30 blocks. Will there be more or are we ready to put them together? That is the big question for next week.

Quilt away...

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