January 5, 2015

Thrifty January Craft blog hop

Thrifty Craft Projects | January Blog Hop
Stitch Craft Create is hosting the Thrifty January Craft blog hop, giving all their readers a free copy of the January issue of their magazine featuring 15 craft projects you can make as you upcycle cardigans, plastic bowls and tin cans, fabric and yarn from your stash... you get the idea. When they invited me I quickly said YES, as I was ready to make time for crafts after being busy with the holidays.
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I saw the Winter Body Scrub in the magazine and was transported back to this past summer when I visited my family in Brazil. My mom's hands felt so soft and, yet, she has no dishwasher. When I asked her for the name of her moisturizer, she told me that after doing dishes she pours 1/2 teaspoon of sugar on her hands and rubs it all over them, as my grandmother taught her. So, I decided I would make the body scrub and use sugar instead of salt (the recipe suggested it as a substitute, too). I am using it already! I had leftover rosemary-infused oil to make an extra batch of body scrub and for cooking...
 I labeled the jars, added ribbon and a small spoon, and will give them to my friends as a New Year's treat. 
The January Crafts magazine has easy to follow instructions for efficient use of your time and materials, so head over to their site and download your personal copy of the magazine (claim it using the discount code SCCFREE). While at Stitch Craft Create, check out the Free eBooks tab with downloadable books for more inspiration. I learned last month that Americans spend yearly about $65 billion on Christmas gifts, so here is your chance to get freebies to offset some of that spending!

This is the blog hop schedule - stop by these blogs for more crafty zen moments...

Fri 2nd – SCC
Sat 3rd – Knits and Crosses
Wed 7th – Crafting Not Cleaning
Fri 9th – SCC
Mon 12th – Imagine Gnats
Wed 14th – Diary of a Quilter
Fri 16th Crafts from the Cwtch
Mon 19th – Dotty Doily
Wed 21st – Yarn Demon

Speaking of zen moments, crafts are my all-time favorite cure for the blues. This time of year we can have a lot of grey, cloudy days so I keep the lights on, surround myself with supplies and inspiring magazines and books, keep crafty websites within reach, and craft away. Give it a try and you will be whistling (or humming, in my case, as I have long given up learning how to whistle!) in no time...

Happy New Year, with my wishes of good health and beautiful crafty things!


  1. The scrub sounds wonderful, can't wait to try out the magazine, Thank you.

  2. The scrub looks yummy lol. Thanks for the link to the magazine and the hop!

  3. The srub sounds great , I need something to soften my hands , Thanks Denise .

  4. Thank you. I am downloading the mag as I type; will check out the site while I'm there. Love this scrub idea and can't wait to try it.

  5. Muito legal tudo isso!!Meu irmão usa açúcar com margarina para ter as mãos macias.Eu uso fubá fininho para o rosto...rsrsrs cada dia se aprende mais truques.BeijoGRANNNNNNNNNNNDE!


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