December 2, 2014

Softies make the best gift!

I made this softie for my grandson Nicholas and almost kept it because it turned out sooo cute! Minky on the outside, cotton on the belly and inside of legs and arms... It took me a whole afternoon to make it because I am not that good with those tissue paper patterns...

However, I think it was worth the time. I was supposed to make a knot on each leg but I did not like the stubby feel of the knot, so I left the legs straight.

As usual, I made a few changes as I went along: I only used one layer of batting instead of two on the body. Also, using my trusted Aurifil thread, I sewed all the parts together and then topstitched everything twice to ensure limbs, ears, tongue, and 'claws' cannot be pulled apart no matter how much they are tugged at.

Of course I did not plan ahead so I did not have ribbons of different colors for the claws, so I used the only one I had (yellow, satin), which matched the other fabrics, too.

How do you like the little heart? It was fused and machine appliqued using blanket stitch.

Here is softie sprawled on my bed, tired after all the hours it took 'me' to put him together. Notice the tail! I stitched it many times onto the back - it will withstand years of pulling...

The pattern is McCall's, M6525. I already have the minky for the lion, which will be my next softie, but will await and make it for his birthday in April.

As with many handmade gifts, it takes a while to make it but handmade gifts have so much love in every stitch, every drop of glue, every stroke of paint... They are good for the soul of those who make them and for the soul of those who receive them. Good energy flowing from our hands to theirs.

That is my reason for making gifts... besides the fact that I have got to put all that fabric in my stash to good use!

If you need another idea for Christmas gifts, this would be a great one, according to my grandson's reaction when he got it (I was so excited to see his happy face that I forgot to take pictures! Ai, ai, ai...).

Enjoy your [sewing] day!

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  1. He's so cute and loveable! I think I may have to make the cat. Nice job!


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