August 7, 2014

Landscape quilting

Whenever I need a mental break, I think of this quilt I made a few years ago. Far from perfect, it provides the clues I need to transport me to that location. Closing my eyes, I pretend I am sitting on one of those rockers and can almost feel the mountain breeze. Visualization does help calm one's mind very quickly.

I have the itch to work on another landscape quilt. I just need to hang the background fabric on the design wall. All the fabrics I might use will be piled next to it and, as days go by, inspiration will move me and I will add a piece, unless I already have a design in mind or paper. This quilt is heavily freemotion quilted and, due to many layers, I could only use the walking foot (the backwards sewing with the walking foot was, huh, interesting).

So, that is my plan for next week, as today I am getting ready for my grandson's weekend visit - he is arriving on Friday. Speaking of Friday, Fat Quarter Shop is having a sale on all Riley Blake fabrics starting tomorrow:

Displaying 20RBSale-NL.jpg

That will be the only quilt-related thing I will be doing this weekend!

Enjoy your day,

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