May 2, 2014

Wool and Cotton applique

Martingale - My Enchanted Garden (Print version + eBook bundle) 
 (Photo by Brent Kane for Martingale)

I am in love with this quilt featured in My Enchanted Garden: Applique' Quilts in Cotton and Wool by Gretchen Gibbons, published by That Patchwork Place, an imprint of Martingale. I like how Gretchen mixed cotton and wool on each block, which I don't usually do. However, the different textures and patterns contribute to a striking design!

Colorful birds appear on almost every block, with cameo appearances by a squirrel, a bear, a dog, a cat and a bunny. In fact, I am thinking that in addition to making the whole quilt, we could turn the blocks into wall hangings, with the bunny one in Easter colors, the squirrel one in Fall colors, etc.

The General Instructions section explains all you need to know to work with wool, as well as the freezer paper applique method, which I have used with cotton but not wool. There are also instructions for the embroidery stitches used on the blocks, as well as a table with color guide for the applique pieces. In addition to the blocks for this quilt, the book has patterns for wall hangings, a pillow, a purse...

Martingale - My Enchanted Garden (Print version + eBook bundle)
(Photo by Brent Kane for Martingale)
Martingale - My Enchanted Garden (Print version + eBook bundle) 
 (Photo by Brent Kane for Martingale)

Vibrant colors above... can you see the batiks? Fabric textures, shapes, threads, stitching - a wonderful combination that appeals to my senses and remind me that quilting is not just about fabric. 

I do have Gretchen's other book, Pennies from Heaven, which I reviewed a while ago (find the post here). Between these two books I think I can put a dent on my three drawers full of wool!

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  1. That is such a beautiful quilt! There aren't enough days for all the lovely creativity quilters share. Thanks Denise for bring this one to our attention.


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