April 1, 2014

Sewing pouch and pattern

I love how this sewing pouch turned out! The colors are bright and cheerful. I have made and sold dozens of these pouches to my friends and family, and many of them have one for each handwork project. Here is what it looks like inside:
It has room for pins, needles, threads, buttons... whatever you may be using on your project. It is fun deciding which fabrics to use and where to put them. I had cut the fabrics a few weeks ago for this one but never had the chance to put it all together until today. I needed another pouch for an embroidery project I want to take on a trip (they are so portable), and it is finally ready!

I am no longer taking orders for these sewing pouches, so I wrote a pattern for them (downloadable, $6, you can find it here). Unlike other pouches, this one has a sturdy, flat bottom so it won't flip over. I also like the way the drawstring works, keeping everything in and the dust out.

This sewing pouch provides a neat way to organize hand sewing projects, and makes a great gift. Ask my quilting friends! When we get together to hand quilt, we each have our supplies in these, and the quilt is dotted with pouches of different colors...

Do you have a bag or box where you like to keep handwork supplies?

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