February 27, 2014

Never too old to learn new tricks...

I completed two more blocks for my knitted afghan. It is supposed to have 24 blocks, but I will make two with 12 blocks each.
The picture above shows the block with Yarn Overs (gate stitch) - I think I finally learned it! My first attempt at this block ended with the creation of an entirely different block (see it here) which will, nevertheless, be included in the afghan.
This is another cable block (big and small cables). This pattern is so beautiful I think I will eventually make a bag using it. One third of the way into this block I made a mistake on one of the big cables. After some successful frogging, I got back on the right path. All my cable blocks were made with the same color - let's see if anyone notices it in the end.

In quilting, in other crafts, even in life it is useful to know when we should rip things apart, paint or start over. The more comfortable one gets with one's craft, the more confident one gets with one's ability to make things right, the easier it is to stay calm and do over. Of course, I find it just as important to know when to place an applique on top of a stubborn seam, when to move on with knitting despite a pattern 'rearrangement', and when to call it quits if a relationship is doomed after many failed attempts to mend it... [Now, that was random. So, I am linking to Live a Colorful Life for the Thursday Linky Party...]

When the blocks are all done I will have acquired greater dexterity with the knitting needles, and will be able to tackle more complicated projects. In the meantime, I am finishing the sleeves on a sweater, and knitting another pair of socks. So far, no UFOs in knitting.

For now, I am happy I got a handle on YOs.

Happy day!


  1. Really, never! Fun stuff! Thanks also for visiting my blog today,
    LeeAnna Paylor
    Not Afraid of Color!

  2. Love your cables - they look perfect to me :)

  3. Love your blocks Denise, particularly the white cabled one. Can't wait to see what you turn out next.

  4. Great blocks! No UFO' s too that is impressive :)


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