February 4, 2014

Knitted blocks

These are the latest blocks I finished for my afghan:

The one with cables turned out really nice. The pattern is really beautiful and the yarn I used emphasized the cable design. The next block has a funny story:

The pattern included YO (yarn over). I was so happy to be making another block that I completely forgot what YO meant, even though it was spelled out along with SSK, for our convenient reference... Instead, I kept thinking that YO meant 'yarn over the needle', and I carefully put the yarn over the needle. In place of the neat holes I would have had (see photo below) had I engaged my brain before knitting, the block turned out with a completely different pattern - with a line across each square with stockinette stitch.

This is what the block was supposed to look like...
I finished it anyway, as I was not about to frog it. Next I will start the block again, hoping it will look just like the one above, this time moving the yarn either to the front or to the back when the pattern reads YO...

This post should have been called "Adventures of a Beginner Knitter"!!!

Happy Tuesday,


  1. I think that's how new block designs are discovered. Your block is not bad just different. I love the squishy yarn you picked for the cable block. It sets nicely around the cables. Can't wait to see the finished afghan.

  2. Oh, now I know what to do with that little tub of white yarn that I just brought home! I've only got ends to run in on my last afghan project, so I think starting a new one is just the ticket! Now, blocks, or strips, or all in one? Hmm... something to ponder while I work on my quilt pieces today!


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