January 8, 2014

Getting a head start...

... is how I feel when I use leftover blocks to start a new quilt project. I like the idea of being 'halfway there' when I only have limited time to be in my studio. Yesterday, I made this quick wall hanging by making a four-patch with already made four patches (from this quilt), then using pieces of a panel by Annie Downs which did not match in size with the rest in a previous project (see it here), adding a few squares...

The panel had beautiful sashing with whimsical flowers which I could not throw away. When the top was finished I appliqued (raw edge using zigzag stitch) little strips of it here and there, added an ice cream cone, and considered it finished.

When quilted, it will be the first Christmas gift for 2014! This is what I do throughout the year: make projects for no one in particular, which come in handy at gift-giving time... It satisfies my need to quilt when I only have a wee bit of time available, and by the time the Holidays Season arrives again, I am not stressed out trying to come up with projects.

Have you spare blocks in your stash? Could you turn them into a wall hanging, table mat, or tote? The key is to use them in simple projects as opposed to more involved, time consuming ones. If we do this once or twice a month, November will be filled with ready-to-ship, handmade Christmas gifts. That works for me!


  1. How very wise of you to keep it simple and use what you have and create gifts for Christmas ahead of time. Happy New Year and Creative Blessings...

  2. Love this one Denise!
    I love the free form of the added strips and the ice cream cone! But anything with ice cream is good or really great!

    I have really missed you and love to see what you are up to. Maybe I will get something done that I can share!

    Love and hugs!!!!

  3. Great project!! I do the same as I always seem to make sample blocks and like you it is always nice to have items finished in case you need a gift.


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