January 30, 2014

Flannel Blocks

Here are the blocks for the flannel quilt I am making for my bed. I found a red flannel for the lattice in my stash, but will probably have to buy fabric for the large border. However, I won't worry about it until the center of the quilt is assembled.

I used mostly Woolies by Maywood Studio, and today was a perfect day to sew the blocks together, as it was cold and snowy - the flannel kept me warm. There are 70 blocks, made up of 140 units I sewed last week. What do you think of the chevron look?

After all the trimming, I was left with a lot of triangles, light stacked onto dark fabric. I usually stuff the pieces in a bag for later use. The problem is that 'later' never seems to come by. This time I decided to sew those triangles together for another project, and did so before I even pieced the blocks.

Once I press the half-square triangles, I will trim them down to a 3" block, and will start looking for a good pattern for them. I will finish this 'Crooked Path' quilt first, though.
I am happy to be making a quilt for my bed, at last. Quilting it will be 'interesting', to say the least. It want it to feel soft, so I was planning on stitching in the ditch, but I wonder if I should have someone quilt it with a long arm... I got the Woolie for the backing already.

There is little time to quilt lately, sometimes only a couple of hours during the week. The dog has changed my routine, and I have DH to thank.

What have you been up to? Are you ready for February? I can't believe it is just around the corner!


  1. The colors are so wonderful on your beautiful quilt! :O)

  2. What a warm quilt that will be. The years are going by to quickly. I have so many projects to finish.


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