December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

         Michael's socks, finally finished. Love them!

The last day of 2013! It is difficult to believe that this year has gone by so fast. On the other hand, some of us may be relieved it finally ended! Whichever the case, Happy New Year!

I have been absent from the blogosphere for a couple of weeks... The good news is that I have had a relatively calm end-of-year, as calm as it can be when you have teen boys at home. I had my 'aha' moment yesterday when I suddenly understood why things have been bearable this Holiday Season: I have not attempted to do any projects in my quilt room. Thus, I have been available to run kids to their friends' house and back, to gaming stores, etc. I did pretend I was a seamstress and 'tailored' my 13-year-old's fatigues so he could play his first AirSoft gun war... He was soooo happy! After that, my Bernina went on the brink and now requires maintenance. How convenient!

In the past I tried to work on projects during the Holiday Season, only to be irritated when I could not get a few hours to myself in the quilt room, or when I was in the swing of freemotion quilting and had to drop it to run someone to a friend's house. This time I have had no expectations, no plans, no stress. I have calmly ignored my sewing urges. Worse, I have 'written' entire articles in my head without the chance to see them in print. The internet service has been intermittent at best, so blogging was but a dream...

Head band only needs a flower...
Here after adding flower (color changed on the phone camera...)

As for crafts, knitting has been a blessed choice as the projects I am working on are portable, do not require attention to a complicated pattern, and can be worked on anywhere without locking myself in a room, away from everything. At times, when I did want to be away from everything, the puppy came in as a handy excuse to go on a long ride around town, quietly sitting side by side as we drove for hours through busy streets without destination.

In short, this is my recipe for success at this time of year, one I will remember for years to come: keep projects short and simple, know I will inevitably have little time to work on them, go with the flow...

Here is looking forward to a New Year full of possibilities!

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  1. I so agree with you! In December 2102 I had way too many projects going on and ended up decorating at the very last minute, in tears and stressed. So silly! This year was no gift sewing, relaxing and wonderful even with hosting Christmas Eve here. Lesson learned!


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