November 14, 2013

Tutorials you might like

Handmade gifts are so much fun to give and to receive... I enjoy the time I spend making different things, thinking of the recipient with every stitch or paint stroke.

If you are looking for ideas for handmade gifts, you may want to check out these tutorials I bookmarked a little while ago. The blogs where they are featured are awesome, so you may want to browse around. Make them your own by adding cool trim, handmade labels, changing the fabrics to suit a boy or a man...
The Wrapped Up Zipper Bag

Mushroom Pincushion

Christmas Tree mug rug tutorial at Freemotion by the River
Christmas Tree Mug Rug

DIY Manly Man Apron
Manly Man Apron

Lavender Sachet

Owl Sewing Buddy

Secret Pocket Hanger

Don't forget to check out my tutorials here. The star table mat is super fast to put together and makes a great gift, too. I made many of them for last Christmas, each with different fabric combinations.

Hopefully, these ideas will get you motivated. In the meantime, I am knitting a pair of socks for my oldest son, finished another block for the afghan (will show you tomorrow), and am hoping to wrap most of the gifts I already made over the weekend...

Happy Thursday!

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  1. Hope your afghan block is coming along well. I can't wait to we your socks


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