November 19, 2013

Another afghan block

Not much quilting going on here... This is the block I finished last week. I few comments: it is way too long. It is supposed to be a 12 x 12 inch block, but with 70 rows plus the border rows, there was no way to keep it to that size. So, it will either end up as a pillow, or I will add to the blocks which I will join to it (the latter sounds fun, actually - mix some rectangles with the square blocks...).

I had trouble with the yarn overs. I would do them, them have to redo them when I was knitting the wrong side of the block. Oh, well, that is what practice is for, right? Also, I can see that my knitted stitches are loose, so I must knit a swatch (don't even like thinking about it, but must get in the habit of doing it) before I start knitting the vest I want to make for myself.

I've started another block, which is done in the diagonal, but stopped half-way as I don't thing the short rows for the border are correct. Will see if I can get some answers tomorrow, or Saturday.

In the meantime, I have just wrapped all the Christmas gifts that are going to my husband's family in Maryland. Yes! I will mail them in a week or so and they can decide if they will open them right away or wait until Christmas. Next, I need to think of my boys and husband. I have no idea what they will get (Santa here is stumped). It was easier when the boys were younger (I just wrapped all the toys for my little grandson - it was so easy to figure out what to get him!).

I hope your day is being just as productive.


  1. What a gorgeous leaf block Denise. I love it.

  2. I know it's not the square you intended it to be but it's a pretty cool looking rectangle! I love how the leaves turned out in the middle.

  3. when you figure out the block it is going to be very pretty. I love the design


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