September 3, 2013

Tuesday Musings

Our Wool Lover Blog Hop is almost full! If you haven't signed up your blog yet, send me an email. We have participants from the US and other parts of the world - so there will be a lot of eye candy for all of us!

I am trying to finish quilting a top before I can start my own wool project for the blog hop. Haven't decided what it will be yet... As I mentioned on the blog hop original post, anything with wool qualifies. I have seen what these wonderful bloggers make, so I am feeling the pressure!

September has started with beautiful weather. My tomatoes finally decided to show up (Summer is almost over - they are sort of late for the party, don't you think?). My mouth is watering just thinking about the tomato and mayo sandwiches we will enjoy as soon as they ripen. Or tomato and muzarella and fresh basil. Or just plain tomato, with its juices running down our hands...

Back to the quilting - if I can finish the quilting today (just had to bring one of my sons home from school due to his migraine), I will bind it and post a picture tomorrow. I think it will be my new favorite quilt, with all the colors I love.

Have a fun Tuesday!

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