September 16, 2013

Hello from Oregon

I am in Portland, Oregon, this week. The day is cloudy so far but it may change at any minute!

Yesterday I had a great time visiting with my friend Soraya in Washington. We went to a 'feira' (produce market) located in downtown Vancouver, WA. It was sooooo much fun! How I miss buying fresh local produce at these markets every week as I used to do in Brazil!

We found orange beets, lemon cucumbers, jams, artisan breads, salami from local charcuteries... Lots of beautiful flowers arranged in bouquets, ready for the giving...

On Saturday Soraya and I went to the Container Store and she purchased this shopping cart which I call the BMW of shopping carts! Easy to maneuver, padded handle, cool lining colors. All the goodies are inside and our hands and arms don't hurt from carrying shopping bags.

Back at her house we feasted on roasted chicken and spinach salad seasoned with the most delicious balsamic vinegar I have EVER tasted: Lucerno Blackberry! We had visited their store at the Bridgeport mall on Saturday, where we tasted many flavorful olive oils and balsamic vinegars (their chocolate olive oil is to die for!). I also picked up white balsamic flavored with pears which I can't wait to try over ice cream or with soda water!

As you can see, even the often liquid sunshine of the American Northwest won't stop me from having a great time...

Back to quilty matters, the Pin Cushion Blog Hop hosted by Sew We Quilt is still going on. You must stop by these bloggers to see all they came up with:

Their creations are so inspiring - hop on by!

In the meantime, I have got to take a break from sightseeing and work on my project for the Wool Lover blog hop. Enjoy your day,


  1. Have fun in the PNW. I live in Vancouver, WA. You will have to check out the food carts Portland is so famous for. My son is opening his new cart tomorrow at Mississippi and Beech just down from Albina. He is 25 and his Doner Haus sandwiches have been sold at fairs for about 8 years.

  2. How fun! Love those carts, very handy indeed. Nothing beats fresh produce and flowers from a farmers market.


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