September 19, 2013

Going home

Look what I found when I was wondering through a HUGE fabric store in Oregon: sock monkey flannels! No, I did not need any more fabric nor do I need to come up with ideas for new projects, but since when does that hold me back from acquiring more supplies?

My friend Soraya found the socks and a book with tons of stuffed animal patterns to make with them. Oh... I could not stop thinking about my grandson Nicholas playing with those cute toys... Yep, I was hooked.

I also got some minky to make other animals for him (decided against taking photos of them lest the hotel bed would be covered with bits of blue and yellow from the fabrics). Grandchildren are an endless excuse for adding to your fabric stash, much to my husband's chagrin.

photo.JPGCheck out the size of this fabric store... 1.5 acres of fabric, notions, books, and patterns. My visit only lasted two and a half hours because they had to close. Rows upon rows upon rows of gorgeous fabrics. Rulers galore, tons of buttons, trims to the roof. The damage could have been astronomical had I not insisted on bringing the smallest suitcase I had, plus a backpack. What was I thinking? My husband had suggested a larger suitcase which I promptly refused by saying I was only going to be gone for 5 days. DH knows me better, something I thought impossible before. I am convinced...

As I bid goodbye to Portland, Oregon, and try to figure out how to stuff my purchases into 'sardine cans', I leave you with a visual impression of my time away from my quilt studio:

Leopard cat telling his owner which stalls to visit during Saturday Market

Huge line of people ready to get their doughnut fix from Voodoo

The unofficial city tagline

                                                  Tea House at Lan Su Chinese Garden

As I go back home, my mind fast forwards to next week when I will host the Wool Lover blog hop. Stop by tomorrow to view the full schedule. In the meantime, time to pack!


  1. So many fab novelty fabrics out there! And that cat is a beauty.

  2. I have been fortunate enough to visit and support that huge fabric store in Portland. Uber cute sock monkey flannels. Loving those VooDoo donuts!!!

  3. The link to the picture doesn't work. What is the name of the huge fabric store?

    senstrings (at) yahoo (dot) com

    1. The store name is Fabric Depot and their website is

  4. I was wondering the same thing. the name of the store please if they have an online store. thanks


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