September 6, 2013

Double Wedding Ring Table Topper

I am ready to welcome Autumn! Here is my first double wedding ring quilt, a table topper measuring 45" x 45", just bound and ready to replace the garden quilt I have had on my dining room table since Spring.

The wedding rings were not stitched the traditional way, but using the QuiltSmart fusible interface (details of construction here). As I was getting ready to FMQ it, I had no idea which motif to use. 
I opted to fill the quilt with leaves, thousands of them, scattered very close together as on the forest floor after a storm. It took me three days to quilt it as I did a section at a time so my left hand would not get too tired. I used Isacord on top and Signature in the bobbin (I had to wind the bobbin so many times!). The new needle is already in the trash...
Leaves in every direction, in every size and shape. It almost looks like a layer of patterned tulle above the quilt top. I love it! My son, Christopher, made me promise I won't give this quilt away nor sell it, and his brother Ryan...

... above, wanted to be part of the picture (is he trying to claim it as his?). Anyway, another quilt for the ever-growing collection.

I like having used the print fabric as background and the solids on the rings - it makes all my favorite colors pop. I used the same fabric for the binding, and a yellow for the backing.

What a nice way to end the week! Have a restful weekend,


  1. What a lovely finish! I think there is a wedding ring QAL starting this fall and hope to make one soon! Love the quilted leaves, too!

  2. Wonderful quilt! I love the colors on the print background! ... :) Pat

  3. It is so lovely, Denise. Just gorgeous! One of these days I will get to make one.

  4. Great quilt, what did you think of the quiltsmart? Would it still drape the same for a quilt? I've been contemplating using their lone star pattern and have wondered?

  5. I just finished a mini/single DWR! I love yours!! Have you thought about entering your in the NYC Mod DWR Challenge?

  6. I am so proud of you! I love seeing completed projects students/friends. Your table topper turned out so very beautiful & your quilting is superb as usual. xoxo

  7. That is the colors and the quilting!

  8. I love those colors -- never seen a double wedding ring like it!


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