August 21, 2013

More sewists in the family!

My 12-year-old niece Julia has caught the sewing bug! I sent her some Halloween fabrics, matching ric-rac, thread, and buttons a few weeks ago and look what she came up with! From here to a full-blown quilter it is just a hop and a skip, if only I could spend time with her in my studio...

Wait, her parents may not be too happy with that idea when she returns home with a list of all the gadgets she 'must have'! :-)

Her mom told me even the dog is wearing her creations! This budding sew-aholic went to sewing camp this Summer and made 2 dresses (pictured on right and below), two skirts, a horse saddle, a pocketbook, stuffed animals, and many other small projects.

How wonderful to be able to start sewing this early in life. When I was about 8 my mom taught me how to make doll diapers using her sewing machine and old bed sheets. As a young adult I took sewing lessons from seamstresses in Brazil. However, after making a dress, a jumpsuit, and an apron I realized sewing clothes was not for me.

Many years later, when I decided to learn how to quilt, I got my old Singer out of the closet (sewing with that machine lasted only one week once I laid eyes on Berninas...) and the rest is history!

My attempts to teach my boys to sew have been largely successful as they both have made quilts. I don't think quilting will be a lifelong pursuit of theirs; however, they now have a keen eye for color and design, helping me when I am stuck creating a new pattern or figuring out border fabrics. The drawback: I cannot take them with me to fabric stores as I end up spending a LOT more money than if I had gone alone...

Back to Julia - way to go girl! I commend your mom and dad for encouraging your sewing adventures! I know you are a busy young lady with school, horseback riding, and all the other things you do, but sewing will always bring you tons of fun and relaxation...

Sew we quilt
Oh, I can't forget the Be a Hexie Queen blog hop. Here is the schedule for today - so many cool projects...

Wednesday, August 21
Cheryl James (Sew We Quilt is hosting it)

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  1. How fun! When I was 13, my mom shipped me off to the Singer Sewing School because she "didn't have the patience to teach one more daughter how to sew." The funny thing is she only has two daughters! I think she knew I was so impatient that she didn't want to teach ME how to sew. But that summer at Singer was the best gift ever. I can't even imagine my life without a needle and thread!


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