August 6, 2013

Embroidery patterns

I was looking through my books in search of embroidery patterns when I came across two books my mother brought from Brazil in April.

The patterns are for baby clothes; some have tiny applique and embroidery, many just embroidery. I am so glad my sister is not using them right now (my mom had originally given them to my sister, who agreed to let me keep them for a while...)!

Look at the date when she purchased this one (remember - month/day/year):

This is the other book she brought...
... and the date:
They are both older then me (this one above not by much!), but have the most beautiful, most delicate patterns for Brazilian embroidery! Today's embroidery patterns are very different; yet, we can still incorporate yesterday's ideas in today's work.

Speaking of more modern designs, I love Anni Downs' patterns (Hatched and Patched)! They are simple, whimsical, sweet... Perhaps inspired by the Ho Ho Ho Blog Hop, I looked through Anni Down's "A Christmas Story" book of patterns, and will definitely put it on top of my to do list. I would like to adapt some of the blocks and make a bunting for the mantel with applique and embroidery - wouldn't that be cool? I could use lots of wool, threads of different textures, buttons or ...

... perhaps I should just finish the projects I have on my cutting table first:

- Winter Wonderland embroidery
- Noah's Arch embroidery for the grandchild
- Next row of the Round Robin quilt due in September
- Finish quilting Hawaiian quilt for a friend
- Put last border on my own Hawaiian quilt
- Quilt double wedding ring table topper

Ai, ai, ai... Excuse me while I put all the embroidery books away! :-)

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  1. It's so hard to stick with the current projects when I spot something new and cute--gets me in trouble every time! I have A Christmas Story, but haven't had a chance to make anything in it--maybe I will wait to be inspired by what you decide...


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