August 1, 2013

Cooking camp?

This afternoon, as my 12-year-old son Ryan and I were together in the house, I realized it would be a good opportunity to teach him how to prepare our dinner. First, he put chicken breasts in the crock pot, mixed cream of chicken soup with Ranch dressing mix and 1 teaspoon of pesto sauce (yes, I made it up as we went along), poured it over the chicken, and turned the pot on.

Next, I wanted vegetable soup. We got a zucchini from the front yard (OMG! Who planted zucchini in front of the rose bushes???), carrots, sweet potato, celery, onions, scallions, and parsley, and Ryan started chopping.

One hour and a half later everything was chopped (slow with the knife, just in case). He added chicken base and some curry powder, olive oil and sauteed the veggies. He added water and stirred it all well.

Chef Ryan was very focused, patient, and interested in learning the safest way to handle the knife as he cut the veggies. In the end he was tired, a good opportunity for him to appreciate all the work that goes into preparing their meals... We had so much fun!

I am so proud of him! He said he might just have to try the soup at dinner (he hardly ever eats soup, unlike me, as I can eat soup for breakfast, too!). Ryan said I should no longer spend money sending them to cooking camp as I did last month for one week in the afternoons, since they can learn from me. I agree, and I love to show them how to cook.

What I did not tell him is that I was 'desperate' for some alone time that week, and cooking camp was the only camp available!!!

The million dollar question is: can I get his brother Christopher in the kitchen anytime soon? Gotta think of some effective bribes for that guy...

Enjoy your dinner!


  1. That is so great Denise. I think that you are doing a great thing there. We did miss you last wednesday. I hope that soup turned out delish. It sure sounds great!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog today. I just might surprise you and fill that bag this Saturday for my giveaway. Anyway....
    My son ( also named Ryan ) learned to cook at a young age. He has yet to master fudge....but everything else is 5 star restaurant quality. I love that he enjoys cooking as much as I enjoy eating. I just wish he still lived at home.
    Love your blog

  3. Well done Ryan! My son who is 8 loves to cook with me, although he usually eats things as we go so we have to prepare more than we normally would! :-)


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