August 19, 2013

Applique in the USA

I am trying to get ahead of the game by working on Christmas gifts. I remember I had two of these blocks from a wall hanging I made a little while ago (and gave to someone, don't remember who, and did not keep a picture...). So, I made another table runner with one heart with stars on each end, and four layer cake pieces in between, separated by sashing.

There is only one border, pieced; the backing has the same fabrics pieced in squares. As in my previous project, this table runner is also self-binding.

coverThis heart block appeared in Ursula Michael's book "Traveling America in Applique". which I love. Her projects feature the Mountain States, the Texas Ranch, The East Coast (Life by the Sea), Alaska, Autumn in New England, Big Cityscape, Heartland Farmer's Market, Old Southern Gaslights at Sunset, Florida Sunshine... to mention just a few!

The blocks (100 of them) are beautiful, creative, and easy to applique' by machine or by hand (I prefer to use them for machine applique'). I have used them in Christmas quilts, garden quilts, and for 4th of July decorations. Ursula assumes you are a seasoned quilter so she jumps right into the projects, which works for me!

This table runner will pair well with a set of coasters I made with 4th of July fabrics - I will wrap them and put them under... not the Christmas tree, under the cutting table next to the other gifts I already finished, that is...

... if Sapphire lets me! I really don't feel like being scratched right now, so I guess I will let her have her way until she goes for a stroll around the house.

Happy Sewing!

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