July 16, 2013

The ONE thing I cannot live without

My friend Diana made this carrying case from Atkinson's Designs (I found it here). After all these years quilting I have decided this is THE ONE thing I cannot live without.

When you are packing to go on vacation, to a retreat, or for a day of sewing at your girlfriend's house, you can fit into this carrier everything you need. Fabric, thread, needles and pins, pens, small templates... I had everything I needed to use during my two-week vacation, stowed away into one package!

It folds into a convenient size and nothing slips out of it as you carry it. Diana spoils me (read my post about it here) and I haven't got enough words to express my appreciation for all that she does!

Next time you are getting ready for a 'sew-out' event, consider making one of these - it will decrease your clutter, you will find everything you need in one place, and you will have to look into only one place when it is time to put it all away  as you get home (No, I am not getting paid to write this!).

What is the thing you cannot live without?

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