July 10, 2013

Second knitted baby hat

This time I made it exactly as the pattern with ribbing, decreasing the stitches every other row, and I loved making it! It was good practice with the circular needles, and using DPNs (double pointed needles) definitely made it easier to finish it. Casting on stitches using the knitted method ensures the edge is not too loose.

Youtube helped give me courage (whatever did we do before it?) when I wasn't sure what to do. One ball of yarn was enough for two hats, with some to spare which I will use on my next hat, when I mix colors.

Both my boys want me to make hats for them for next Winter. Chris wants his with a skull (really???). I will go back to Youtube and find out how to measure their heads (although I am not too keen on making swatches for gauge).

It will be a long time before I learn how to work a skull into one of these, though...

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  1. Nicely done, Denise! Good luck with figuring out how to knit a skull!


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