July 2, 2013

New project

Bought these yesterday (as if I needed another project!) and will knit a hat for Nicholas, my grandson. Can you tell I cannot take him out of my mind? The last time I knitted something was 24 years ago when I made a yellow jumpsuit for  Michael. Now, it is time to knit for his son...

I haven't knitted hats yet so Kathy Lewis, the owner of my favorite quilt store in Delaware - Serendipity Quilt Shop - will be teaching me.

Speaking of Serendipity, I just happen to be in Delaware when they will be celebrating their 5th anniversary. I fell in love with this store way before they built their new location, and I am totally hooked on their fabrics, wool, patterns, kits... The staff is super helpful and personable. It will be cool to celebrate this milestone with them.

Back to knitting, do you have a favorite pattern you like to knit for your children or grandchildren?  Oh, share it with us!!!

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