July 8, 2013


Prepared dozens of hexies last week (then could not do anything else for three days as my left hand was swollen :-( ). When I started to sew them together, the corners kept coming apart, as I used the glue pen (Sewline - I found it here) as suggested by Sue at Patchwork with Busy Fingers.  I liked working with the glue pen, but I must have done something wrong. I will need to go back and sew each one the old fashioned way...

I will finish the design and probably applique them onto a background fabric. I love Sue's book (reviewed here) and can't wait to make some of the patterns. I have many of her templates and just had the idea of having my boys trace them onto paper for me - great Summer project for them, don't you think?

Hexagons are fun. I wonder if I will ever make one of those grandmother garden quilts... So many hexies to sew together! Of course, I could also teach the boys to do it to keep their hands busy and from punching one another (this has been an eventful Summer so far, with a 13- and a 12-year-old at home!).


  1. Denise I love your hexi's I have been busy working on some of them also the past couple weeks. Yours are so pretty I love tha tfabric you used with aqua and red in it...Just gorgeous. I feel your pain with summer vacations and kids that bicker... One day we are so gonna wish they were at home bickering again. That way we wan't be worried where they are at and what they are doing....lol...Oh well lets just make the best of it...Books seem to work well for us these days

  2. Love your hexies,just beautiful!!.
    This year I`m playing with them too.

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  4. That happens to my hexies some time. I just put a little dab of glue on the corner and continue on. Yours are so pretty. Hexies are so flexible.

  5. I have been itching to make some hexes, too. Today sounds like a good day to start! But no grandmother's garden quilt for me. I would never get it done. Small, simple and sweet will be the way for me to go. =)


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