July 22, 2013

Cutting table and ruler organizer

Oh... I am so happy! I finally replaced my old cutting table, after weeks of looking high and low for an affordable solution.  I needed something that was 36" high, about 36" wide, and 60" long. My friend Diana had seen at someone's house two bookshelves with a door as a top.

Finding the bookshelves would not be difficult, and the door I could get at Home Depot or Lowes (plain door). However, they would not saw it down to size for me.

After many trips to IKEA to check out the various options, last weekend I decided upon these two bookshelves and a table top.

Non-slip mat between bookshelf and tabletop
The bookshelves are 29 1/2" inches wide by 36" high (if you do not install the feet, which I did not). The tabletop was 29" wide x 61" 1ong x 1" thick - that was the best I could do!

Eventually I will stain the top to match the bookshelves. Right now, I am so excited with all the extra storage room I have. The shelves under the tabletop have projects I am working on; the ones on the outside hold baskets with spray and other bottles, patterns, oversize thread cones, and rulers.

Speaking of rulers, I used to keep them on my cutting table. Although they were handy, they were all together and I could not really remember which rulers I had... Also, the clutter always bothered me.

So, this morning I went to Staples in search of a cork board. I was going to buy a small one, even though I was not sure that was the best solution. As I was heading to the cash register, I decided to double back and check out the clearance table.

Right next to it was a display of Martha Stewart office organizers. There I found some cool boards which were thicker than the cork board I had in my hands, much lighter, and very stylish. Then, I got some chunky pins, and this is where my rulers are now:

How do you like it? Aren't these boards fun? I can easily find and grab the ruler I need, and the oversize rulers are stowed on the bookshelf.

My 12-year-old son Ryan helped my husband assemble the bookshelves Saturday, and this morning Ryan helped me hang the boards - instead of using the self-adhesive stuff that came with the boards I nailed them to the wall due to the weight of the rulers. Done!!!

Now, if I could only find time to enjoy my updated studio... Is Summer over yet???


  1. Love your last minute find! I think the rulers look great, and you found a solution that works for you. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love your last minute find! I think the rulers look great, and you found a solution that works for you. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks, Celia! The price was right, too!

  4. Great table and the new boards for your rulers are perfect!! Looks like you have about as many rulers as me :)


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