July 18, 2013

4-petal flower tutorial

Here is a quick way to add dimension to wall hangings, table runners, bags, and other quilting projects: make a flower using two contrasting 5" squares.

I whipped this one up yesterday in about 15 minutes. Not bad for when you are pressed for time and need a final touch on a gift! Here is what you will need:

2 - 5" squares of contrasting fabrics
needle and thread
sewing machine

With right sides together, sew around the squares leaving a 1.5" opening so you can turn fabrics inside out.
After snipping off corners, turn squares inside out and press it.
Slip stitch the opening shut.
Fold square in half and then in half again so you can determine the center point. Fold all corners toward the center...
... securing them with a small stitch as you go. Make sure all corners are secured as shown.
Flip each corner as shown to expose contrasting fabric.
With a small, invisible stitch, join each petal about 1/2" away from the flower center.
Sew a button or other decoration to the center of the flower...
... and you are done! You can make it puff up by pushing up the center, or you can press it flat. Solid fabrics will make it even prettier.


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