June 26, 2013

Wool Pincushion

My friend Tomi made this pincushion based on the Henrietta Hen wool pincushion by Whimsy Street Patterns (you can find it here). Isn't it beautiful? So beautiful that there is no way I am ever going to use it...

Pincushions have gone from the functional to the collectible very quickly! Wool pincushions are particularly hot right now, although I feel like they should be enclosed in a glass case to keep them from getting dusty.

Do you collect pincushions? Do you like a particular pattern designer?


  1. Oh My!! That is adorable!
    I have made some very large mice pincushions (they stand about 8" tall) and each in a sundress. Pinnies are such fun! :)

  2. It`s pretty nice.Love it!!

  3. I love pincushions and have been collecting vintage pincushions for years. I made a few new ones as well. Love the hen you have in wool!

  4. That is a seriously cute pincushion! Recently I started a pincushion board on Pinterest. I like the handmade ones the best!


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