May 20, 2013

Half-square Triangles - Tutorial

The other day I found a new way to cut half-squares triangles which I thought was the best! Well, this weekend I tried to remember which way was it and where I had seen it. No clue!!! I am getting disgustingly old... :-(

Anyway, I decided to do what the pattern I was using suggested, and it was pretty easy. So, in case you need a new technique, here is how I did it:

Say you need 3-1/2" half-square triangles. Cut strips of the two fabrics you are using measuring 1/2" more, i.e., 4" wide by the width of fabric. Lay light colored strip over the other strip, right sides together. With a pen (I use FriXion - be sure to always test it in a corner of the fabric first!), draw lines which are 4" apart.
Make sure the strips are pinned so they don't move around as you mark them.
Next, draw diagonal lines connecting the corners.

Next, stitch 1/4" away from the diagonal lines, on both sides of the lines.

Then, cut on all the drawn lines.
There! Except this picture shows the other fabric I was using...
I prefer this method as opposed to first cutting all the squares, then pairing them, then drawing a diagonal line on each pair, then stitching, etc.  Afterward, I squared them all to 3-1/2".

It was quick! Now, as soon as I find the other method I read about I will prepare a tutorial for it, too!

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  1. Another great way to do HTS,thanks for the tutorial.Sure I`ll try it.


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