May 7, 2013

Green Thumb?

Under the tutelage of my friend Sue, I planted seeds and have been nursing these plants for the last several weeks. My makeshift 'green house': I carefully covered my sideboard under the dining room window, collected a bunch of lamps which were not being used and placed them strategically over the plants. I water them three times a day, and when the weather is warm, I place them outside on the deck so they can start getting strong.

The first batch of seedlings has gone the way of all the earth... These pictured at right have survived my novice care. Sue also gave me other tiny plants, which I've managed to keep alive: green bell peppers, Roma tomatoes, celery, and basil.

Since I cannot plant a regular garden, mine will be in pots and boxes on the deck. The million dollar question is: how can I fit all the pots on the deck and still have room to walk around the furniture or access the grill?

The BILLION dollar question is: will these plants be alive by the time I return from my trip to California? I have enlisted the help of my son Ryan, who agreed to water them for $5.00/day. My husband agreed to supervise him but wants $10/day, as he claims the supervisory job demands more responsibility... Outright extortion! I threatened not to let him eat any tomatoes come Summer!

Speaking of Summer, it is quite possible that some of my friends will end up with potted herbs and tomato plants as gifts.

Anyway, I guess I was really anxious to see if I could finally 'grow' something without killing it in its early stages of life... so I planted more than I had room for. Oh, well. I am looking forward to fresh tomatoes for sandwiches and to make marmalade, peppers for jam, two types of basil, celery...


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  1. I love growing my own food and I love when I go to the garden store to pick out my seed packets. I do have a little plot of land I plant in, so I applaud your effort to do all of this in pots on a deck. Probably the best thing about gardening for me is the lettuces that I grow in masses and cut at "baby" stage with a pair of scissors. Its better than any salad mix you will ever buy and you can put the pots under the deck in the shade during the hot part of summer.


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